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TechCanary Release Notes

TechCanary release notes provide our users valuable information on new features and improvements. Major and minor (bug fixes) releases are included in each release note. The most recent release notes are listed first with prior release notes also listed.

Admins who wish to update their Orgs to the latest release are highly, NO – strongly, recommended to update a Sandbox environment first so appropriate testing can be done before updating the production environment by following these steps.

Should an admin wish to apply the update direct to their production Org without testing in a Sandbox first, they may simply click here to request the update by entering their production Org ID after any text “Org ID:”. Again, we highly advise against pushing an update straight to production without first testing it in a Sandbox. However, should you choose to do so, you are assuming all risk associated with the update.

Should you have any questions, please contact Customer Support and one of our fantastic staff will be in touch!

Current Release Notes

Prior Release Notes