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  • Quick and simple customizations

  • Custom created workflows

  • Simple Integrations

  • Support for niche lines of business

We chose TechCanary because it offered the best of both worlds”


     Magnum Insurance Agency – a large bilingual insurance agency focusing on multiple lines of business including non-standard auto with 100s of employees and 30 locations grew frustrated with their legacy Agency Management System. They had been on the same platform for over 20 years but were quickly realized their business was being limited by manual processes and general ledger accounts, cumbersome reporting, lack of integration, and duplicate data.


     The Magnum agency is on the SalesForce Lightning user interface (UI), which is the new version of Salesforce’s UI and most modern. The agency’s employees find that it is easier to understand than their legacy AMS. It appeals to the more recent employees from a visual and navigation perspective.

     Magnum is leveraging TechCanary to target a niche market with a lot of nuances to their operation so the customizability included great features including custom sales, creating workflows, custom triggers, moving things around, etc. The Open API of TechCanary allowed Magnum to integrate these customizations easily, as opposed to their prior vendor.  In addition, TechCanary has a number of pop-ins, including texting and accounting applications that Magnum is leveraging to optimize their operations.

     Chris Roman, vice president with Magnum commented on the selection, saying, “The Magnum business is unique and operating in our legacy environment was proving to be an obstacle in our goal to enable an efficient environment – both for our internal operation in our over 30 locations as well as external interactions with customers, carriers, and third-party services. We chose TechCanary because it offered the best of both worlds – a top notch agency management system combined with the world’s leading customer relationship management system, Salesforce.”

About Magnum Insurance

Magnum, the most powerful name in Insurance provide all type of coverage (Auto, Home, Life, Health & Business) with the best companies and prices that fit with your needs and budget. We specialize in auto insurance, guaranteeing the lowest rates in the market for all drivers regardless of age or driving record.

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What the Insurance Industry is Saying

“The underlying trend is towards greater automation of routine tasks, which can not only reduce costs and improve efficiency, but also free up staff to devote more time to customers and higher value growth areas such as cyber risk insurance.”

PWC 20th CEO Survey / Key findings in the insurance industry / February 2017

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