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  • Deliver a better customer interface

Break Out From Limiting Legacy AMS Systems

The Problem

     After utilizing a legacy Agency Management System (AMS) for over 20 years their frustrations with the constraints and limitations created the demand for a change. The company had aggressive growth goals and was eager to expand into targeted, niche markets. They needed a flexible, customizable solution to reduce inefficiencies that were created as their current systems did not connect to each other. They needed a platform that could track the life cycle for the client and allow them to become more predictive with the customer.

     The legacy AMS Burton & Co. utilized lacked a mobile and customer interface. Their customer service was suffering and they needed to address client needs. The agency realized the world had changed, client expectations had changed and they were in danger of being left behind as customers demanded to have a cohesive and integrated client experience.  

The Solution

     The TechCanary and Salesforce solution enables Burton and Company to offer a mobile-friendly customer interface where customers and producers can interact from anywhere, anytime. They will also have access to analytics to make data-driven decisions for the business and provide better service for their customers.

Their goal is for prospective customers to fill out a simple 10 question app and have instant insurance quotes and their legacy AMS couldn’t deliver this.

     The limitations of their legacy AMS has Burton and Co. excited for the future of their business with TechCanary. The ability to deliver a better customer interface, leverage data and reports to grow their business and being able to do it from anywhere has the company positioned to scale their operations while providing better than ever customer service for another 127 years.

     “We were swimming in dangerous waters by lacking modern technology. Our old system limited the way we ran our business and how we wanted to grow it. TechCanary now has us positioned to provide the customer service we want while scaling our business.”

Robby Burton, President Burton and Co.

About Burton & Company

     As one of the oldest insurance agencies in Virginia, Burton and Company has been helping clients find affordable insurance and delivering exceptional customer service since 1891 for individuals, families, and businesses. The agency partners with some of the best insurance companies and works closely with its customers to best understand their needs, navigate the insurance decision process and to tailor plans that best fit each customer’s need and budget.

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What the Insurance Industry is Saying

“The underlying trend is towards greater automation of routine tasks, which can not only reduce costs and improve efficiency, but also free up staff to devote more time to customers and higher value growth areas such as cyber risk insurance.”

PWC 20th CEO Survey / Key findings in the insurance industry / February 2017

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