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  • Standardized data collection

  • Robust CRM capabilities

  • Increased reporting functionality

  • Increased productivity and efficiency

We recognized we needed something more capable than our current system

The Problem

     After utilizing a legacy Agency Management System (AMS) for over 20 years their frustrations with the constraints and limitations created the demand for a change. The company had aggressive growth goals and was eager to expand into targeted, niche markets. They needed a flexible, customizable solution to reduce inefficiencies that were created as their current systems did not connect to each other. They needed a platform that could track the life cycle for the client and allow them to become more predictive with the customer.

The Solution

     An insurance platform natively built-in Salesforce, enabling the best of both worlds — the industry’s top customer relationship management (CRM) system and all the agency management capabilities a modern and efficient agency would need.

Some of the benefits from AWS Insurance’s implementation of TechCanary include:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Flexibility to fit the system and processes to the agency’s unique needs
  • Standardized data collection
  • Increased reporting functionality
  • Streamlined export and import of data
  • Open API enabling the integration with other insurance companies and software offerings
  • Robust CRM capabilities
  • Plus, all the functionality expected in a traditional agency management system

“We recognized we needed something more capable than our current system. We needed a modern system that could keep up with technology trends and that was really a new generation of the system that combined agency and customer management. TechCanary proved to offer the best fit solution for our organization. Not only does it have a great breadth and depth of capability, but the flexibility of the platform will enable us to continue to enhance and tweak the system and our processes as our needs and our customers’ expectations change.”

  • Michael Seeling, Vice President AWS Insurance

About AWS

    Founded in 1987, AWS Insurance serves the Gulf Coast region providing insurance protection coverage for residential and commercial properties as well as individual and group policies. For more information, visit www.awsinsurance.com.

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What the Insurance Industry is Saying

“The underlying trend is towards greater automation of routine tasks, which can not only reduce costs and improve efficiency, but also free up staff to devote more time to customers and higher value growth areas such as cyber risk insurance.”

PWC 20th CEO Survey / Key findings in the insurance industry / February 2017

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