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TechCanary Product Sheets

AMS Product Sheet

Click the image to view a pdf overview of the TechCanary Agency Management System

ADM Product Sheet

Click the image to view a pdf overview of how TechCanary leverages the ACORD® data model

TechCanary Product Demonstration Videos

About TechCanary AMS

About TechCanary, the #1 Insurance App on Salesforce AppExchange

Field and Page Layout Customization

Easily add a custom field to TechCanary, and change the look and feel to work best for you.

Installing TechCanary ACORD® Data Model

Quick video on how to install TechCanary ADM into Salesforce

TechCanary Demo for Property & Casualty

40 minute deep-dive presentation and demonstration

Salesforce Platform Videos

What is Cloud Computing?

How Cloud Computing can help drive your revenue

AppExchange Demo

How to use the Salesforce AppExchange

How to be a Customer Company

How providing a Relationship with the customer is more important than a product or service

Chatter Mobile Overview

Use Chatter Mobile to manage your business from anywhere, using your phone