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TechCanary was founded to be that canary in the coal mine – but for the Insurance industry.

The TechCanary mission is to provide the Insurance industry a new and innovative alternative to legacy agency management systems and generic CRM and call center solutions – and for the first time, provide an enterprise-wide, consolidated view of customers. As a leading InsurTech company, TechCanary is always thinking ahead, anticipating the unanticipated, and innovating to meet the ever-changing needs and challenges of the Insurance Industry with technology.

During years on the Agency side of the Insurance industry, Reid Holzworth experienced first-hand the limitations and restrictions of the available agency management and business automation offerings.  As a result, he leveraged to build a system to successfully manage his own business.  Then in 2013, largely at the urging of peers in the industry, founded TechCanary in 2013 to make his insurance sales and service productivity platform commercially available.

And today, TechCanary is proud to be the #1 insurance solution available on

Starting with the widely-used and proven platform and adding the ACORD data standards, TechCanary is now a full-featured, cloud-based, analytics-driven Insurance platform for agencies, brokerages, MGAs, MGUs, GAs, wholesalers and carriers. TechCanary supports all lines of business from property, casualty, life, health, and employee benefits to specialty lines all on one system. It is a true global platform supporting multiple languages and currencies. TechCanary is not a separate solution merely connected to the SF platform. It is written natively in Salesforce code and resides in the Salesforce database.