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Turn Salesforce into your All-in-One Insurance CRM and Management Solution

Let TechCanary turn Salesforce into your digital innovation platform and Insurance CRM:

  • Turn Salesforce into your Insurance Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage all your customer and agency relationships and inteactions while working in tandem with whichever AMS you may have

  • Turn Salesforce into your internal Agency Management System to manage all your policies and meet all your sales and service needs

  • Integrates with your existing back office systems — on premise or in the cloud

  • ACORD® data model implemented inside

  • Integrates with all Salesforce features and the 1,000s of apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange

TechCanary – The Only ACORD® Data Model-based Insurance CRM

TechCanary turns Salesforce into an Insurance CRM that brings together your policy, claims, client and commission data across all lines of business and distribution channels for a complete view of the health of your insurance organization.

  • Load policy, commission, and claims information out-of-the-box

  • Consolidate data from your multiple back-end systems for an omni-customer view

  • Provide detailed customer data for your call center for better up-sells, cross-sells, and renewals

  • Manage your distribution channels more efficiently and effectively

  • Automate workflows and key processes based upon complete customer information

  • Run marketing campaigns with an omni-customer view

  • Run analytics for a better understanding of where you are and where you need to go

Be More Agile, Innovative, and Effective with the Right Insurance CRM

Maximize Revenue Opportunities

Provide a Self-Service Agent Portal accessible from any device

Automate quotes, policy sales, service, and renewals to increase productivity

Put customer documents at everyone’s fingertips with built-in doc management

Stay on top of sales and customer retention trends with real-time dashboards

Optimize Underwriting for Maximum Results

Stay on top of sales and customer retention trends with real-time dashboards

Intelligently assign risk and value with data insights you never had before

Know your high-value customers and agencies so you can prioritize them

Analyze with depth – leveraging all the ACORD® data model details

Put Customer Experience First

Provide a self-service Client Portal accessible from any device

Communicate with customers how they want – email, chat, social, phone

Give agents a 360° degree view of customers across all lines of business

Automate alerts, task reminders, emails, call logs and over 50 workflows

Gain Competitive Advantage with Data

Consolidate sales, marketing, operations data into one dashboard

Gain insights you never could before from any device – anywhere, anytime

Take informed action with personalized and scheduled reports with daily data

Visualize data the way you want – tables, pie charts, line charts, bar charts…

An Insurance CRM so Everyone in Your Company Competes Smarter

For Management

Consolidate all of your business into a single view

Consolidate all data for each customer into a 360° view

Automate all reporting

Access from any device, anywhere, anytime

For Call Centers

Create a single view of your customers for better service

Unify multi-source claim, policy, commission data

Integrate partner data with your own

Automate for cross-sell and up-sell

For Distribution

Stay current on books of business with real-time data

Automate commission calcs and reports

Automatically track all activities

Consolidate views of each channel

For Analysts

Consolidate detailed multi-source data daily

Leverage advanced analytic tools for new insights

Incorporate artificial intelligence

Complete ACORD® data model details

For Marketing

Round out accounts easily, smoothly and accurately

Quickly identify new and different sales opportunities

Run cross-sell and upsell campaigns

Track distribution channel relationship results

What TechCanary Insurance Customers Are Saying

“TechCanary has allowed us to customize and automate any process we can think of. The staff at TechCanary understand the needs of the insurance industry and have real insight into the part technology will play in the future. I look forward to seeing what they’ll come up with next. I truly believe TechCanary is the insurance system of the future.”

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What the Insurance Industry is Saying

“TechCanary has built a ground-breaking insurance data platform our industry has been seeking. The uniqueness of this solution is how TechCanary takes the ACORD standard and implements a powerful platform and digital solution. The results, it easily connects existing systems and creates an all-lines customer database out-of-the-box. This is a must-see solution by all industry stakeholders. TechCanary is a game-changer solution.”

— Deb Smallwood, Founder Strategy Meets Action