Agency Management Systems Comparison

An insurance agency management system can be compared to a performance car. Do you want to get from point A to point B and have a system that is customizable, flexible and performance driven?  TechCanary's system will get you from point A to point B and much more.  The best part about TechCanary’s agency management [...]

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Social Media and How It Affects Your Agency

Social media is a wonderful tool we have now.  Gone are the stone tablet and chisel.  Insurance agencies can reach far more people now in the digital age.  Yes, it's still important to have referrals from existing customers and your business associates.   However, the capability to reach many people via your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or [...]

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Are Your Carriers Becoming Your Competition?

Wow, this article will definitely be food for debate.  Even though this article can be considered less than upbeat, the take away is that your insurance agency must become more efficient in workflow processes, marketing and technology.    This article reinforces why you need cutting edge technology in your insurance agency management system to stay [...]

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