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#1 Salesforce Insurance Software

TechCanary is the leader at bringing innovative Insurance Software to the Salesforce platform:

  • First to implement complete ACORD® and CSIO data models inside Salesforce

  • First to build a comprehensive Agency Management System inside Salesforce

  • First to automate carrier downloads with Salesforce

  • First to combine a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with an Agency Management System (AMS)

5 Stars on Salesforce AppExchange

TechCanary – So Much More than Traditional Insurance Software

Put Customer Experience First

Communicate with clients the way they want

Provide sales and service a 360° view of clients

Meet customer needs immediately and easily

Be Competitive with Technology

Access anytime, anywhere, from any device

Do it all with only one solution that leverages an ecosystem

Reduce costs with a predictable OpEx

Take Action with Mobile Analytics

View all operational data within one dashboard

Gain new and different insights from any device, anywhere, anytime

Personalize and schedule refreshed data every day

Take Control with Smart Automation

Automate standard enterprise workflows

Automate follow-up emails, alerts, and over 50 workflows

Generate industry-standard ACORD® and CSIO forms

TechCanary – An  Insurance Software Solution for Your Future

TechCanary is a cloud-based, analytics-driven insurance software solution, for agencies, brokerages, MGAs, GAs, wholesalers, and carriers.

Built inside the world’s #1 CRM platform, Salesforce, TechCanary makes expansion easy and delivers fast time-to-value.

Our insurance software solution never leaves you behind, keeping you competitive with continual innovations through four automatic system updates a year.

TechCanary efficiently manages the entire insurance sales and service process from lead to sale to customer support and renewal.

  • Complete ACORD® data model

  • Complete CSIO data model

  • Support for all lines of business: P&C, Life, Health and Group Benefits

  • Integration with email, phone, text, social

  • Native support for all browsers and mobile devices

  • Real-time actionable analytics

  • User-configurable automation and workflows

  • More than 3,000 pre-integrated add-on Apps

  • All-in-one, single environment

A Software Solution for the Entire Insurance Industry

What TechCanary Insurance Customers Are Saying

“Supported 150% agency growth since installed – including new offices and remote workers”

“With TechCanary, we interact with and service our clients any way they prefer – Facebook, Twitter, Chat, Text, Phone, Email”

“Workflow is logical and it’s easy to get staff up and running quickly”

“Allows us to customize and automate any process we can think of – a real game changer”

“Integrates with all the other Salesforce apps and features”

“Having the security of the cloud and being able to work on a computer anywhere for no extra charge was way beyond what I could have ever hoped for”

“The reporting is hands-down the best I have ever seen.”

“It was hard to see how inefficient AMS 360 was until we started using a different system. I would never go back.”

“Improved retention rate from 70% to 80% over two years, with an 85% target this year”

“This system has it all. Full ACORD® library, carrier downloads, and automated workflows. It even has phone, email, QuickBooks, and website integration.”

“From ease of adoption to the scalability of the platform, this is the only system worth having – nothing else even comes close.”

“1000% increase in revenue in the first year of use with continued impressive growth year after year”

“My one regret is not switching to TechCanary sooner! Out of the box, it had nearly everything I could ever want in Policy, Agency Management, and Commissions tracking.”

“With TechCanary, we get our IVANS downloads right into the policy records, along with the drivers, coverage, and premiums.”

“We also track all our activities and store contacts and information for carriers, carrier products, sources, and lien holders.”

“We can create ACORD® forms, reports, and manage policies and new quotes.”

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What the Insurance Industry is Saying

“InsurTech partnerships can help insurers improve their processes and thereby strengthen efficiency and reduce costs. They also can help insurers improve their analysis of the huge amounts of data at their disposal, which can lead to better customer understanding, higher win-rate, and more informed underwriting.”

— PWC 20th CEO Survey / Key findings in the Insurance Industry / February 2017